With Shows2Go v2 App and Brave Browser install on your Android Tablet PC (with HDMI to Mini/Micro HDMI output support) or an Android Tablet with Cast Screen option (Miracast iPush WIFI Display TV Dongle 1080P Media Streaming Airplay DLNA HD), using one of these two option to connect your Android Tablet to your Flat Screen TV / Flat Panel HDTV, with WiFi / Internet service, your Android Tablet PC becomes your cable box / remote control and Shows2Go v2 App becomes your source provider for watching Live TV Free Channels, TV Series, Movies and Documentaries, for just a one time payment of “$0.99,” turning your Android Tablet into a “SMART TABLET PC TV.” You can also connect your Android Smartphone to your Flat Screen TV with Chromecast – 2nd Generation, or the right MHL adapter for your Android Cellular Phone, turning your Android Smartphone into an “SMARTPHONE TV.” Shows2Go v2 is also a great app to enjoy on your Android TV Box.

There are devices that will allow you to control your Android Smartphone and Android Tablet remotely via Bluetooth or by Wireless Keyboards connection via Micro USB OTG. If you don’t have a keyboard case (Bluetooth or USB) for your Android Tablet, you can always purchase an Android Tablet Stand.

Did you know that there are old consoles emulator’s apps / apk for Android which allow you to play all those Retro Classic Games on your Android Smartphone, Android Tablet PC and on your Android TV Box. There are affordable Gamepads for your Android Smartphone, Android Tablet PC and Android TV Box , on the market, as well. To get ROMS, in order to play all your favorite classic games, just go online and Google: Classic Games ROMS. You’ll find tons of sites with free downloadable ROMS for every Classic Game Consoles. Use the app ASTRO File Manager apk or GL to SD (root) 2.4.1 apk or Send to SD card v0.3.11 apk for moving game data files (ROMS) to external storage SD card; use Market Helper 2.0-beta apk to download lots of apps you normally couldn’t on your Android Smartphone, Android Tablet and Android TV Box.

I love everything Android because the only true limitation is your lack of imagination and wiliness to be creative. Now just think what your world would be like, once you connect your Android Smartphone, Android Tablet PC or your Android TV Box to your Flat Screen TV / Flat Panel HDTV and get your Retrogaming on, as well as enjoying the Shows2Go v2 App. This is the real beauty of Android. You can’t go wrong. Most people are really sleeping on Android’s unique built-in features (Cast Screen, MHL, HDMI and USB OTG) and Android very affordable accessories. It’s time to wake up!!!


Links to Mini / Micro Adapter Connector / HDMI Cable “Best Price”:

8″ HDMI Male to Female Extension Adapter
HDMI Female to Female Adapter Connector
6 Ft Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable – High Speed
Mini HDMI (Type C) Male to HDMI (Type A) Female Adapter Connector
HDMI (Type A) Female to Micro HDMI (Type D) Adapter Converter Connector
* Wholesale: 10 Ft HDMI to HDMI Cable for $2.98 plus “FREE Economy Shipping.”


2015 Top 6 Free Game Consoles Emulators Download Links for Android Device 2.3 & up:
MyGBA– Gameboid
RetroArch Android