On Android system version 4.4 and up (Smartphone/ Android Tablet / Android TV Box), always use Puffin Web Browser with Shows2Go App.

*Android systems 4.4 and up use: Puffin Web Browser Menu > Settings > Website preference >Request desktop site.


*Android system 4.3 use: Dolphin Browser: Menu > Settings >”GENERAL” Web content > Flash player: “Always on”
>”ADVANCED” Customize > User agent: “Desktop”


Dolphin Jetpack: Settings are the same as for Dolphin Browser.


*Android system 4.2 & 4.3 use: Boat Browser: Menu > Settings > Page Content Settings > Set user agent: “Desktop” > Enable flash/plug-ins: “Always on”


*Android System 4.1 & lower use: Lightning Browser: Menu > Settings > Enable Adobe Flash: “ON” > User agent: “Desktop”


Please Note: Lightning Browser (both free and paid version) works perfect with Adobe Flash Player for Android 4.1 & lower. The “Block Ads” feature in the Settings of Lightning Browser +  is the best for watching Live TV on Shows2Go App. The up to date version of Lightning Browser does not work on Android 4.4 (KitKat) for Shows2Go App because lack of Flash Support.
Lightning Browser + works on some (not all) Android 4.2 Tablets PC.



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