On Android system version 4.4 and up (Android Smartphone/ Android Tablet / Android TV Box), use Chrome Browser, or Samsung Internet browseror Brave Privacy Browser, or Puffin Web Browser (Free or Pro) with Shows2Go v2 App.

*Opera browser with free VPN: Menu > Settings > Browser: Enabled VPN / Enabled Ad blocking.

*Android Puffin Web Browser: Menu > Settings > Website preference >Request desktop site.

 *Android system 4.3 use: Chrome Browser or Dolphin Browser: Menu > Settings >”GENERAL” Web content > Flash player: “Always on.” Dolphin Jetpack: Settings are the same as for Dolphin Browser.

 *Android system 4.1, 4.2 & 4.3 use: Chrome Browser or Lightning Browser.

 Please Note: Lightning Browser (both free and paid version) works perfect with Adobe Flash Player for Android 4.1 & lower. The “Block Ads” feature in the Settings of Lightning Browser +  is the best for watching Live TV on Shows2Go v2 App. The up to date version of Lightning Browser now works on Android 4.4 (KitKat) for Shows2Go v2 App.
Lightning Browser + works on some (not all) Android 4.2 Tablets PC.



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